CSBM The Value of Better Communication

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." Ludwig Wittgenstein

Communication is about being understood, it consists of facial expressions, body language, a common spoken language used in the right flow, context and format. If any of these components are missing the message that is received can be incomplete or worse misunderstood. If we don’t understand a document we read or language that is used in a conversation directed at us, we cannot ascertain the task expected of us. How then can we be successful at our job roles? Or at an interview? Or respond correctly to our superiors?

The solution is to improve our English. It is the spoken language of the corporate world and the linking language to global communication. We need to be able to interpret what we hear, to understand what is told to us, in order to carry out our duties in the work place.

Language has its place in our lives. We text a message in a certain way, we write emails another way, we talk to our friends and family differently to when we communicate in the office or with strangers. This indicates that language has an etiquette. There are guidelines we need to know and use to improve the correct use of language.

Corporate, executive and higher education demands that English be exploited to its fullest extent. From presentations, documentation, assignments, thesis and verbal communication. Therefore, every effort must be made to improve language ability.

Written by: Krishani Hewavisent, Consultant at CSBM


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