Certificate in Solid Waste Management

Certificate in Solid Waste Management

CSBM Certificate in Solid Waste Management
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Course Information

Duration: 06 months (300 hours)

Part Time

Type: Open Enrollment


After analyzing the waste management sector in Sri Lanka we as CSBM & Waste Management Authority has identified immense opportunities to build the sector with hybrid training and development programs based on our mutual knowledge and wisdom to enhance the capacity of members who are related to solid waste management to achieve vistas of prosperity which introduced by the government of Sri Lanka.

The partnership looks at a holistic, strategic development of the potency of the waste management industry to make them future proof and ready to unleash their fullest potential to achieve strategic objectives via identified new programs.


SWM01: Supervise solid waste operational workforce

SWM02: Maintain tools, equipment & material of solid waste operations

SWM03: Ensure appropriate solid waste collection

SWM04: Supervise transportation & unloading of solid waste

SWM05: Ensure appropriate segregation, storing & recycling of solid waste

SWM06: Ensure systematic composting process

SWM07: Ensure systematic bio gas process

SWM08: Ensure sanitary land filling operations

SWM09: Perform selling activities

SWM010: Independent Studies

Resource Panel:

●Dr. Sujatha Gamage - Ph.D.(USA) chemistry and Researcher - Lein Asia Social Specialist

●Dr. Wimal Wimaladasa - Ph.D. (UK)M.I.chemistry

●Mr. Nimal premathilaka - social specialist

●Dr. Nirosha nissanka - consultant world bank

●Mr. Lalith Ranthilaka - community Development officer

●Mr. Prasad Kumar - Training assessor

Contact Numbers:

0703667689 / 0703773440

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