Corporate Etiquette and Persuasive Communication

Corporate Etiquette and Persuasive Communication

CSBM Corporate Etiquette and Persuasive Communication
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This training course aims at helping the participants with skills required to communicate at the workplace appropriately and clearly in any situation. Listening skills and public speaking skills will be covered in order to provide an excellent foundation for the participants to work on their personal and professional development. They will also be able to use emotional intelligence to speak to different personalities and situations, and adapt their communication style to different audiences. They will also be able to identify and understand assertive or aggressive behaviour and how to manage both.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

• Identify their own communication style and understand how to adjust to others’ style of communication • Develop Listening and Speaking skills for persuasive communication • Build rapport with diverse groups of people using different communication styles • Learn public speaking techniques • Use persuasive communication techniques to deal with difficult situations.

This program was conducted specifically for CINEC campus faculty with a view to improving their communication skills in line with the times. Bridging the gap in communication styles through the changing tides is primary. Modes of communication, methods and styles have evolved and needed to be upgraded over times.

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