General Spoken English & Business Communication



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General Spoken English & Business Communication

CSBM General Spoken English & Business Communication
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Course Information

Duration: 06 Weeks (24hours)

Mode: Online


The importance of appropriate language use in the workplace is becoming a requirement in most of the corporate sector. Communication across any platform – virtual, physical, corporate, internal or external depends on how the communicator bridges the gap appropriately. Improper language can lead to over familiarity or being misunderstood. In this program we cover communication skills, language etiquette and impart the benefits of good communication.


GSEBC01: Presentation Speech Making Skills (oral)

GSEBC02: Improving Pronunciation

GSEBC03: Making small talk

GSEBC04: Present your thoughts

GSEBC05: Business Communication Techniques

GSEBC06: Reading Techniques

GSEBC07: Making a Presentation (written)

Resource Panel:

● Ms. Layangi Jayasekera - Language Specialist

● Ms. Dilrukshi Rajapaksa - Corporate Trainer for Communication

● Ms. Krishani Hewavisenti - Language Consultant & Trainer CSBM, (TKT Cambridge)

Contact Numbers:

070 366 7682 / 070 367 6767

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