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Leadership Assessment Center for SMEC

CSBM Leadership Assessment Center for SMEC
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Course Information

Introduction to the program Leadership assessment center (LAC) for SMEC is developed to assess identified high performing managers on their level of readiness to take on leadership positions in the organization. LAC has been customized based on SMEC requirements and each participant would be mapped on 9 box readiness model.

This structured talent assessment process is developed using multiple assessments validated for the desired outcomes; participants’ readiness in terms of performing as a leader and a manager. The assessment criteria are clustered under following categories and observations will be made based on their performance on set yardsticks (Transformational vs Transactional) for each cluster.

  1. Developing the Vision (The strategy domain)

  2. Sharing the goals with employees (The communication domain)

  3. Gaining support from engaged employees for implementation (The people domain)

  4. Delivering success through operational excellence. (The operational domain)

This evaluation has been entrusted to CSBM on previous occasions as well and we have delivered the assessment documents as requested. The participants have found great value in the interactive methods used and considered the experience a stimulating and rewarding one.

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