Research Consultancy & Business Support


We are a European Commission registered Research and Innovation Center.Our research, consultancy and business support (RCBS) unit works in collaboration with industry, the public sector and the academic community to develop new research initiatives, with a focus on applied research that contributes to business excellence, policy and sustainable economic growth and development.

The unit has been established as a platform from which we respond to emerging research topics. They foster a sharpened focus on specific areas of enquiry and promote increased visibility and impact for our research.

Focused at becoming the leading research hub in the region for innovative and collaborative research practices, the research unit focuses on developing and implementing a research strategy that creates the infrastructure, leadership, training and resources required to promote holistic learning practices across the research, consultancy and business support platform to enhance research productivity as both commercially and academically viable.

The Unit Focuses on 5 Different Aspects of Research, Consultancy & Business Support
  1. Value Creation through research and development collaborations
  2. Business Incubation centre and entrepreneurial support
  3. Value management through International and regional conferences
  4. Consultancy and Business Support
  5. Publications
Value Creation Through Research & Development Collaborations

Work undertaken include,

  • Training needs assessment for corporates (both public and private sector)
  • Conducting and assessing organisation feasibility studies & business planning
  • Comprehensive Competitor analysis
  • Developing the Business Strategy Road Map, a tool all CEO’s will need to unleash full potential of their resources
  • Business and financial analysis on all aspects of business development ranging from secondary desk research, online surveys, financial analysis & KPI production
  • Preparing the organisation’s corporate ladder
  • Market research and feedback
  • Academic research and supervision
Value Management Through International & Regional Conferences

International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (ICSE) – Focused at creating a discussion and debate on the topic of Social Entrepreneurship providing a global platform for facilitating the exchange of ideas and discussions of concepts for effective advancement of knowledge in the field of business management and social entrepreneurship. Multi-disciplinary presentations, expert discussions and open exchange of current and future business goals and social entrepreneurship initiatives in emerging economies will be the heart of all discussions.

The event will attract over hundreds of business leaders and professionals alike from a diverse range of backgrounds which creates a platform for value creation and opportunity identification especially in the business sector, this conference will also give you an opportunity to showcase your CSR initiatives and discuss the impact of your organization’s contribution to societal wellbeing.

Conference is marketed as a networking event for business and professionals and we aim to capture the attention of a large upmarket audience with backgrounds ranging from government officials & bureaucrats, policy makers, missionaries & diplomats, economists, entrepreneurs, activists, philosophers, external agents (UNICEF, UN), humanitarians, education sector just to name a few. This is an annual event with CSBM which will carry different themes on the discipline.

  • ICSE 2016
  • ICSE 2017
  • ICSE 2018
Consultancy & Business Support

We focus on our client’s most critical issues and opportunities, across all industries and geographies of the country. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective. We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces. Our starting point is the client’s overall strategy, which we analyze, and at times challenge the direction of.

We have built up significant sector competence with a panel of experts. Also we currently serve corporates both local and international and the government, INGOs and Institutions such as Sri Lanka Cricket, Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union, Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency, Exporter Association of Coconut Based Substrates, Geological survey and mines bureau, SMEC International to name a few.

Our Services Include
  • Strategic /Corporate Planning
  • Business Start-up Consulting
  • Legal Business Formation support
  • Advanced Analytics/Research
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Talent Acquisition & Management -Succession planning and corporate head hunting
  • Business process management and re-engineering
  • Leadership/Management Assessment Canters to cover personality profiling, behavioural analysis, competency analysis & personal profiling.
  • Web Page Development & E – Marketing support
  • Advisory services on
    • Financial and working capital advisory
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Transformation & Change Management
    • Sustainability

CSBM International Journal of Entrepreneurship

Built on a mission of improving the practice of innovative entrepreneurship in a changing world; an annual publication in the form of an International Journal available online.

  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship – Volume 1
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship – Volume 2