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Pradeep Alexander

MBA (Finance)UsJ, MA in Fin. Economics UoC, MSc. in Project Mgt. AuU Malaysia, B.Com. Sp. Acc. Hons. UsJ, ICMA, CILT, CA-Inter, ACCA-Final

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Pradeep has accumulated extensive experience in both finance and non-finance sectors, overseeing a wide range of industries including investments, property development, real estate, shipping, education, hospitality, health-care, IT, and internal/external audit. Mr. Pradeep holds a Second Class B. Com degree in Accountancy from the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, complemented by three Master's qualifications in Finance, Financial Economics, and Project Management from esteemed institutions. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Finance.He has garnered extensive experience in diverse Sri Lankan companies, transitioning to CEO roles in the Manufacturing and trading sector with multinational corporations which further enriched his professional background. In academia, he ascended from a visiting lecturer roles such as Head of the Faculty of Management, Director of Graduate School, Vice Chancellor, and Chairman of the Board of Studies at recognized higher education institutes. Additionally, Mr. Pradeep provides specialized Business Finance consultation to Tea Manufacturing and related industries in Sri Lanka, showcasing his multifaceted expertise.

K. Gamage


M.A (USJP), PGD (USJP), BA in Writership & Communications (UOC)

Janani Sepion

Academic Coordinator

Master’s in Business Administration (UoC),
Bsc (Hons) in Management (Dublin,Ireland)

Tansu Chamod Fernando

Executive – Marketing & IT

Bachelor of Business (International Business) (Hons) (HELP University, Malaysia),American Degree Program (HELP University, Malaysia)

Achini Priyadarshani

Senior Executive Administrative Coordinator

Diploma in Human Resources Management (IPM)

Maheesha Abeythunga

Lecturer in English

M.A in Linguistics UoK, MA in Gender and Women's studies UoC,BA in Teaching English as a Second Language(TESL) UoK,Higher Diploma in International Relations

Isuru Batuwatta

Creative Designer

Pearson BTEC Diploma in Multimedia (ESOFT Metro Campus), Diploma in Graphic Design (TCTI), Diploma in Web Engineering (ESOFT Metro Campus)

Chamod Ranasinghe

Manager - Sales and Marketing


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