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Diploma in Practical Business Management

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Diploma in Practical Business Management

Course Information

The Diploma in Practical Business Management provides aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with essential skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The program covers strategic planning, financial management, marketing strategies, and effective leadership. Participants engage in hands-on scenarios to develop practical problem-solving abilities. Graduates gain a solid foundation in decision-making, resource optimization, and sustainable growth strategies, positioning them to excel in the competitive SME environment.


Course Modules

Diploma in Practical Business Management
Introduction to Business in Sri Lanka
Business Law
Business Presentation Skills
Human Resources Management
Organizational Behavior , organizational psychology
Business Planning
Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Research
Basic Probability and Statistics for Business
Financial Accounting Overview , Taxation
Principles of Microeconomics
Essay Writing and Short Prose Selections
Fundamentals of small business management
How to Identify good small business initiative
Develop a personal Business plan
Importance of knowing business registration
Application of 5S for small business
Results and target applications for small business – progress measuring tools
How to keep accounts for small business
Using of information technology for small businesses (simply accounting software)
Expansion of customer base, Develop customer information system, Customer relations, and care
Using business banking facilities
Business marketing and promotion
Develop own storybook by students
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Program Duration:

1 Year (12 months)

Mode of Learning:

Physical / Hybrid


February, May

Location of Lectures:

Nugegoda, Malabe, Dehiwala

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